Summary and Setup

This is a new lesson built with The Carpentries Workbench.

Setup instructions live in this document. Below in the information about dataset and software setup.

Data Sets


Please download the data zip file from the Course page. It contains:

  • Diabetes data
  • Everley data
  • Cervical cancer data
  • Loan data

The code written below assumes a path to the data files as ‘/data/…’ or ‘...’, respectively. Please create a subfolder called ‘data’ in your current directory and put the data files in it.

Figure files for download from the Course page:

  • diabetes_data_screenshot.png
  • subfolder_data.png

To include the figures in your notebook, please create a subfolder called ‘figs’ in your current directory and put the figure files in it. You can check the pdf of the notebook for reference.

Download the data zip file and unzip it to your Desktop


Previous Knowledge

  • Indexing of Arrays
  • For Loop through Array
  • Basic Statistics (distributions, mean, median, standard deviation)

Software Setup


Setup for different systems can be presented in dropdown menus via a solution tag. They will join to this discussion block, so you can give a general overview of the software used in this lesson here and fill out the individual operating systems (and potentially add more, e.g. online setup) in the solutions blocks.



Use Terminal